Medicaid made simple for long term care.

From pre-admission eligibility to annual recertification, Telos makes managing Medicaid applications faster, more efficient, and secure.

From pending to approved as fast as possible.

Filing Medicaid applications that result in delays or denials can be costly. Our solution helps prevent cash flow delays and write-offs.

Quickly prepare H-1200s and renewals without putting pen to paper. Download filled PDF copies of Medicaid applications, signature pages, and other forms.

Determine if a resident is below the income limit, account for spousal diversion, and estimate expected applied incoming factoring in health insurance premiums.

Our resource calculator differentiates between countable and non-countable resources allowing users to see if a resident is over the resource limit. Calculate penalty periods for residents that have given away or sold things below market value.

Securely store and maintain supporting documentation for your residents so everything is organized in one place.

Why Choose Us?

Telos LTC is the only HIPAA compliant, fully encrypted software platform built for LTC Medicaid. We integrate policy and logic into your Medicaid applications. Using up-to-date resources and income guidelines, Telos flags potential problems before you file.

For the Business Office

Empower local and regional BOMs to determine when to file new applications and prepare for recertification.

For Marketing & Admissions

Allow marketing and admissions to gather data to determine barriers for eligibility and share across your team.

For Medicaid Specialists & Corporate

Oversee pending applications across all facilities and aid in the process.

About Us

Telos LTC was created to aid those that prepare, manage, and file Medicaid applications in the long-term care industry. By combining decades of experience in Medicaid planning and long-term care with extensive knowledge developing secure and reliable software, the team at Telos has built a first-of-its-kind cloud platform by listening to those who need it most.

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What Users are Saying

We're committed to building software with the end user in mind. Our features and roadmap are driven by the needs of our clients.

  • As the director of Revenue Cycle Management, trying to stay on top of the Medicaid Pending has been very difficult, to say the least. I have always said I can easily train a BOM how to bill Medicaid, manage collections, and other duties involved with the business office. [But] we can’t easily train on the qualifications for Medicaid Pending. This is an acquired skill that is costly either in hiring the skill or the bad debt lost due to misinformation. After working many years with the group that make up the Telos group, I know they are well versed in the Medicaid regulations for qualification for Medicaid. They have taken those skills — and the skill of many seasoned business office managers — to create a program that virtually walks you through the process. This makes it much easier for me to find candidates for the BOM position and makes training much simpler. Telos has implemented reports to help me have a nice helicopter view of the activity that is or IS NOT happening in the facility with our Medicaid Pending clients. Telos takes the time to stay informed of regulations that will affect our daily challenges in helping the elderly find the care and coverage they need. They are the hub of years of experience in a complicated system that is so necessary. What I see so far is invaluable to our program, and I know that they will continue to meet the needs of the elderly through this process.

    Teri Farmer,
    Director of Revenue
    Foursquare Healthcare
    • Telos has significantly accelerated our process for Medicaid approvals and renewals. The software is very user friendly and intuitive, making the Medicaid process much less cumbersome for the business office.

      Cydney Fulks,
      Nursing Home Administrator
      Permian Residential Care Center
    • (Telos) is a great system it's like having another pair of eyes, it cuts down on doing it by hand and its user friendly. I would recommend to others.

      Crystal Batie,
      Business Office Manager
      Madison Medical Resort
    • This software is simple and easy to use,. It has helped me stay more organized on pending cases, and renewals , while allowing me to give family members an estimate in regards to what we are working with such as assets and applied income. This software has reduced time spent getting an application prepared and sent out for review.

      Natalie Guerrero,
      Business Office Manager
      Midland Medical Lodge
    • Telos LTC has been a life saver for long-term-care business office managers in Texas! It helps to streamline the application process, calculates estimated applied incomes, and has hyperlinks to the states website to easily view eligibility requirements. Highly recommend!!

      Tabi Holt,
      Business Development Manager
      Nursing Home Billing Solutions
    • Telos LTC is a tool that business office managers in SNF's across Texas needed yesterday. The software takes the guesswork out of filling out Medicaid applications and promotes the submission of clean applications to Medicaid Eligibility Workers.

      Paula Vandiver,
      Founder and COO
      Nursing Home Billing Solutions
    • Telos LTC has been a tremendous help in filling out Medicaid applications for our Nursing facility residents in Texas. Saves the business office manager time and provides reassurance that our residents will get approved or points out red flags if there is a potential issue with eligibility.

      Connie Monk,
      Regional Business Office Manager
      Nursing Home Billing Solutions